Dr.Chakshu is the owner/director of a very successful practice- pain free zone physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

Her approach to treatment is a very eclectic one as she is trained is many disciplines and believes that integration is key to every individual’s healing process.

Pain free zone was established in 2009 with a motive to spread pain relief to the mankind.
With the motto ‘pain free life’ Dr Chakshu spreaded the wings and treated the patients coming from all over the world.
She has been working in association with the premiere institutes like safdarjung sports injury centre, Apollo, AIIMS etc.
She is a great teacher and an inspiration for physiotherapists all over the world as they learn advance physiotherapy techniques from her institute ‘physio needs academy’ under aegis of Ashira foundation trust.

She has trained more than 5000 physios around the globe. 

  1. Master in physiotherapy (musculo skeletal)
  2. Certified dry needling practitioner ANS  instructor (South Africa)
  3. Certified  IASTM instructor (Canada)
  4. Certified taping master trainer  (Canada)
  5. Principal DN (Singapore)
  6. Certified pilates instructor (movement solutions)
  7. Certified manual therapist
  8. Certified sport sector trainer (skill india , government of india)
  9. Certified antenatal &  postnatal trainer (PNA)
  10. National coordinator & instructor (KKMT)
  11. Chief executive editor scientific research journal of india


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